The Tosto Group acquired the historic Officine Maraldi brand founded in 1947.

The company exported its products all over the world for many decades, from Mexico to Pakistan, from Iran to Singapore. “The acquisitions of companies mostly take place with the aim of expanding its industrial perimeter – explains the company in a note – and in the majority of cases involve a loss of identity for the acquired company. The strategy of the Tosto Group, leader in the production of pressure equipment for the chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas and energy industries, it instead moves in a directive opposite to the standard of the other groups and aims to restore the historic Made in Italy brands to their lost value “.

“These are operations – it is still read in the note – that bring added value by creating a transfer of experience and know-how that benefits the competitive advantage of the whole Group. This is the line pursued by the Tosto Group also with the latest acquisition of the brand of the historic Officine Maraldi, one of the most renowned Made in Italy brands, recognized by the major petrochemical players for their ability to operate on high volumes, for the precision and quality of the products produced. This acquisition will allow the Tosto group to consolidate its presence on this market niche, covering a strategic sector space “.

It was 1962 when “Maraldi” made itself known on the international markets. But even earlier, starting from the immediate post-war period, its products had found space in the petrochemical market. At the time it produced storage containers for oil derivatives; subsequently, low temperature tanks and cryogenic derivatives of the chemical had been added. An affirmed name, therefore, that survived the fate of the historic enterprise.