Officine Maraldi Bertinoro S.p.A.


In addition to the core business, the original know-how products.

In addition to products with a higher technological content, increasingly in demand from the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries and the major area of specialization and qualification for a company like Maraldi, the group also produces simple equipments such as storage tanks and structures for the sugar refining industry.

Originally key products, these are currently a lateral part of Maraldi’s production, in the name of a strategy of growth and specialization aimed at the evolving market, which is growing increasingly competitive due to the entrance of numerous companies from developing countries.

+zoom / Other items:-Melbourne Vulcan as setting of tank erection, Terra Nova Bay (Antartica).

maraldiMelbourne Vulcan as setting of tank erection, Terra Nova Bay (Antartica).
+zoom / Other items:-Propane mounded vessels.

maraldiPropane mounded vessels.
+zoom / Other items:-Converter for steel industry.

maraldiConverter for steel industry.
+zoom / Other items:-Mixing helix for sugar industry.

maraldiMixing helix for sugar industry.

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