First class structures at the heart of every refinery.

Columns are key elements in the transformation and processing of crude oil, and require special care in their construction and respect of tolerances in the assembly phase. To function properly their internal parts must be correctly aligned and the plates must be exactly level; a company‚Äôs reliability is reflected in its ability to build columns that are completely in conformity with process standards.

To this day Maraldi has provided over 200 columns to the largest refineries around the world, including vacuums, fractionators, strippers, splitters, CDHydro and CDHDS, deethanizers, demethanizers and debuthanizers.


Amine regenerator, Lysekil (Sweden).
CDHydro naphtha splitter during erection, Gela (Italy).

Preflash tower for Ruwais (Abu Dhabi) during fabrication.